Left Leg "Live Series"

by Left Leg



Left Leg always felt like an experiment. Without clarification of any kind (because in hindsight the opinion has changed), being so outlandish seemed so exciting at the time. The desire to be separatist and transcend conformity only now translates to pretentiousness but this is allowed in any process of making music in the moment.

There were two eras of Left Leg. The latter being the unfortunately shorter period. It took three years to wind up to the latter when it was clear something was happening that could be built on. Only then for the momentum to burst and immediately grind to a halt.

The two shows represents a year and a half of change and reinvention. Where augmentation to the line up and sound really brought our ideas to the fore; our telepathy really flowing. It was the most engaging time of the band.

The recordings also act as testament to a fervently creative time for the band which now, sadly, does not exist. Songs written and crafted over a year and a half then augmented to push further the artistic statement of the songs. An effort to lose the tags pressed upon the band at the time and be something more alongside our peers.

The two shows presented are bookends in that time. It can only ever be a document, now. It is no longer moving or in flux but stands still in the moment. The band never achieved anything more than existence and that is probably the most we would ever want.



released August 1, 2013

All songs by Left Leg (V. Butler/E. White/L. Pereira/A. Batley)



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